Proposed Zoning Changes for IB

The City has plans to change the zoning in IB to "encourage" tearing down single family homes so properties can be combined for large "high density" development.  The hearing is July 16th and public comments are being accepted until June 2, 2014.  Attached is a letter we sent to the City and that was recently published in the Eagle Times.  Make your voice heard.
Kendal Sharp May 16, 2014 at 02:05 PM
If this goes through they will never get my vote when up for re-election.
Dakota Cole May 27, 2014 at 11:17 AM
POP Quiz, your facts are not correct. People, don't believe everything you read and POP Quiz is just a negative person, not sure why he thinks he "loves IB". IB is changing for the positive of all of us that live here. He is always so negative. Stay positive IB!!!!
Pop Quiz May 27, 2014 at 11:35 PM
Thanks Dakota, Congratulations on your new position; the great Oracle of what is "negative" on the Patch ;-) ? I think my postings may be what some of us call an opinion. Which facts are not correct? If you are specific i will address them to the best of my ability. Please check the facts on the 10th and Donax development set backs and parking. Are they factual? Do you know about the public hearing on July 16th? The city proposes getting rid of single family homes and replacing them with high density? Are my comments negative because you as an individual disagree? I am interested in your history with IB and how you formed your opinions. Is over development and reduced parking "positive" in your opinion? No one should ever believe everything they read. We agree completely on that. Check the facts. Go to the meetings. Please post those where i have incorrect facts. Here is cool starter fact - Over 50 parking spaces lost since sidewalk corner hemorrhoids were put in at beach. I love IB for what it is, not what some out of town carpet bagger wants it to be. I will continue to vigilantly opposed to stupid ideas and over development in Paradise. Curse my upbringing and respect for democracy i guess. Remember opinions are like, well opinions. Every body has one. Have a great day
Tom Summers May 28, 2014 at 10:54 AM
Rather than positive or negative, I strive for real, but in the end it's just another opinion. Increasing density while choking down street size is like installing a bigger pump and smaller pipes. In a word, nuts. Let us look at why greater density is attractive to some. Who benefits? Does the city treasury benefit? Will they get to spend more if they have it to spend? Years ago we VOTED to down zone at the beach to DECREASE density. That was around the time we ceded our beach and bay tidelands to the Port, because...well, because we could no longer pay for their upkeep. As for Palm; it's a state highway. I cannot imagine it being squeezed down. Unless they take out the traffic lights and build overpasses. What is their proposal? This opinionated, (choose one) negative person / positive person, would like to know. One thing I DO know is I avoid Palm during peak hours. Stay reality based, IB. Oh yeah, and have an OK day. (We used to say "IB is OK", you know, back in the day.)
Ed Kravitz June 02, 2014 at 03:32 PM
I think a good mix of ideas and opinions is a good thing. I also think that given enough historical information , having a healthy skepticism about local government past and present might be more prudent than sticking one's head in the sand and repeating the mantra; "Everything is Good!" "Everything is wonderful !" Just curious by what criteria one writer determines whether or not city officials and staff are doing a good job or not ? Granted that Andy Hall is a wonderful improvement at City Hall but, some things and players stay the same. Does the writer actually believe that nobody who has worked at City Hall was ever ethically challenged or never did anything wrong? There's corruption in the news every day. You don't think it could happen here do you? Do you think it may have ever happened before here? I like the man's comment about. "lets discuss the facts" Ms. Cole has bullied me on this website previously, called me names and made statements about me that are untrue....in a lame effort to try to discredit me. I see the same cyber-bullying in her post to Pop Quiz...trying to attack his credibility rather than discussing any of the facts. Ms. Cole. It's clear you are close to the inner circle and are running interference for them. So How ABOUT SOME FACTS? Look forward to hearing you make your case!


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