Is the R.D.A. Still Alive?

From the City's Website:

The City of Imperial Beach is moving forward with the next phase of the Palm Avenue Mixed-Use & Commercial Corridor Master Plan. A group of planners, urban designers and engineers selected through a competitive interview process will soon begin the preparation of drawings and environmental review documents for review and approval by the City Council.

Imperial Beach is taking another step in the improvement and beautification of Palm Avenue. This Master Plan effort, which will be funded primarily by a SANDAG Smart Growth Incentive Program Grant, is intended to redesign and implement streetscape and public right-of-way improvements along the City’s primary commercial and transit boulevard to transform the corridor into the City’s “main street” by promoting pedestrian, bicycle, transit and vehicular traffic safety improvements and by encouraging commercial, retail and mixed use development aimed at facilitating environmentally sound smart growth principles.

The Palm Avenue corridor is envisioned as a vibrant, mixed-use commercial area celebrating its heritage as Classic Southern California while transforming the corridor into an attractive and unified pedestrian-friendly district. The redesign of the streetscape will help revitalize the corridor by attracting potential new development and bring new activity and life to the area. The City will utilize the services of its on-call Traffic Engineer, KOA Corporation, for the traffic engineering services required for this project.

The City is interested in ensuring that Palm Avenue is a safe, comfortable and attractive district for pedestrians, vehicles, residents and businesses. This project and the improvements it proposes will help to make this goal a reality.

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The Palm Avenue Commercial Corridor Master Plan Study (MF 970)
Palm Avenue Commercial Corridor Master Plan Study Visual Simulations
Traffic Study for the Palm Avenue Commercial Corridor Master Plan Study
Smart Growth Incentive Grant Application
City of Imperial Beach General Plan and Coastal Plan
City of Imperial Beach Zoning Ordinance
California Department of Transportation Main Street Design Guidelines
City of Imperial Beach Vision Plan - "Imperial Beach: The Big Picture"
Imperial Beach Urban Waterfront & Ecotourism Study
Imperial Beach Commercial Zoning Review Amendments
Jon Hall March 31, 2014 at 10:29 AM
When I spoke to the Sudberry reps after the Council meeting a few months ago they seemed excited to become a "partner" with the City (their words) in future projects --- perhaps the RDA has been replaced by a private entity with deep pockets ...
Ed Kravitz March 31, 2014 at 04:28 PM
Perhaps the only thing that's changed is the name. With Mayda Winter presiding over the Successor Agency Advisory Board....it's still the same people calling the shots as when she was on the council and the original RDA....before it was outlawed. It appears that many project that the Successor Agency is pursuing are the very same projects the RDA was working towards. My ex-crooked business partner used to say:" You can do anything you want to.....as long as you don't call it what it really is!"


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