Is anyone else in IB experiencing thefts of their plumeria branches right from their yard?! In the past rwo weeks myself along with 3 other Elm Avenue neighbors with plumeria plants in their yards have had numerous branches cut from our plants. This is disheartening to say the least as I have babied my own plants and given them alot of TLC in order to get them to grow only to find their budding branches snipped. If anyone approaches you at the farmers market to buy plumeria branches, please dont buy them. We are notifying the farmers market and have spoken with the good upstanding and hard working vendors of flora to keep a lookout for such activity. We suspect this is where these branches will show up as our bushes have been pillaged usually on a Thursday evening or friday early morning. People are selling these branches for upwards of $20 on craigslist! Needless to say, we are asking our I.B. Locals, neighbors and friends to help us to keep keeping I.B neighborhoods beautiful.
If you have admired the plumeria on your outings and want to start one for yourself,why not ask us if we would be willing to give you a clipping. Afterall, thats how I got my first plant...from one of our very own kind and friendly IB residents.


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