Council Video Stream 5-7-14


Ed Kravitz May 08, 2014 at 01:48 PM
These are some new terms we heard Port Commissioner Malcolm use in his presentation in the Streaming Video. He did say he wants the fireworks back in I.B. but, explained that funds that might be used for events are already budgeted as ACTIVATION EVENTS. ACTIVATION EVENTS R.O.I. Return On Investment an important factor ? Local Advocate Tim O'Neal revealed that the citizen's group is willing to raise the Lion's share of the cost of the Fireworks and the Technician and Permit if The City would cover law enforcement and a few porta-potties. Fireworks $20k - $25k City's Share for Public Safety and porta-potties? Probably another $20-$25k Can the citizens raise the money in time? The Fireworks Company could start a application for a permit if they act soon. Councilwoman Bragg and Councilman Bilbray were not present at Wednesday's night's Council meeting.


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