Council Agenda Link 3-19-13

City Puts Up Mobile Sign !
City Puts Up Mobile Sign !

Council will spend $1.4 Million with no public discussion 2.2.

One person has already written me that all but one item on agenda are consent items. Consent items are not discussed or deliberated on....just voted on Aye or Nay.  So even though the council has started streaming video of council meetings....there will be no discussion on any except the last item! 

Supporting documentation is the audit story listed on the boards also.

On a positive note: the city's mobile sign trailer was on I/B/ Blvd near 9th on Tuesday evening announcing the council meeting. Thanks to citizen Chuck Quesenbury aka POP Quiz for suggesting it and thanks to new City Manager Andy Hall  for actually making public works do it.  These are positive steps for the community that should be noted.  BIG STEPS ! Exercise you Constitutional Rights. If you have a question or a beef you can fill out a speakers slip before the meeting and give it to the clerk. You can speak for 3 minutes and get it off your chest...and also be on streaming video so even your friends and neighbors who could not attend can see and hear both you and the City Council.  If you don't exercise your rights....YOU LOOSE THEM.

Jon Hall March 16, 2014 at 12:24 PM
The reason no one listens to you is all you want to do is stir the pot --- according to the rules (in the printed agenda) ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONSENT CALENDAR (2.1-2.8) - All matters listed under Consent Calendar are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items, unless a Councilmember or member of the public requests that particular item(s) be removed from the Consent Calendar and considered separately. Those items removed from the Consent Calendar will be discussed at the end of the Agenda ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All you have to do is request it Ed ...
Ed Kravitz March 16, 2014 at 02:27 PM
See you there. How many people that live in Imperial Beach know about the plans for Palm Avenue. Most will only find out when they start to tear up traffic lanes to construct a median and local access lane. That will take traffic down to two lanes on SR-75 for the duration of the construction. They way they do these projects that could take two years. That's just one issue. Have you read the Warrant Register? Can you possibly see any spending there that is excessive or might deserve further explanation? It's not wrong to want to know more; BEFORE THE VOTES. You call it stirring things up. I think of it more as trying to wake people up. Government moves and spends your money whether you want to pay attention or not. I think having a community dialogue before the council votes is a healthy thing. If that is stirring things up....SO BE IT. I think of it more as real transparency. While streaming video is a good thing...everything is after the fact. After the vote. It's too late then. I have made an effort to post agenda links and information for at least 8 years so that the people of I.B. might have a clue about what really goes on at city hall. Having streaming video of council deliberations is a great step. If the council does not deliberate but, merely votes....how transparent is that? So maybe you and others could enter into a community discussion about policy and see if you really agree with what your council is doing? If someone doesn't agree or has another opinion to add....IT NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED BEFORE THE VOTES. Most folks don't understand CONSENT ITEMS are not discussed. Council will spend $1.4 million with no discussion and even if you are in council chambers or watching the streaming video...you probably wouldn't know they just spent $1.4 million. I've been observing city hall for almost 20 years. Some folks don't have a clue. Some who do have a clue are so deep in denial that they still wouldn't believe it if they were told the truth point blank. You call it STIRRING THINGS UP. I think of it more as enlightening and educating the public and then engaging them to find out what they think....BEFORE THE VOTES. And thank you for engaging in a dialogue...even if we do not always agree. An open discussion is essential if anyone wants to call this a democracy. If it happens in secret and nobody knows....then it's SECRET GOVERNMENT....also known as DICTATORSHIP. 16+years city council has met without agendas being published in the newspaper prior to meetings. I'm just doing my part as a good citizen to try to fill that vacuum. Whether you agree with my opinion or not....I DID MAKE YOU THINK ABOUT IT. Thanks again.
Curmudgeon March 20, 2014 at 12:09 PM
I think Ed should run for mayor.


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