City of Imperial Beach finally established a YouTube account!

Imperial Beach Videos Now on YouTube
Imperial Beach Videos Now on YouTube
After many - many - years of complaints by community members regarding the gross lack of transparency in city government, the City of Imperial Beach has finally established a YouTube account - and is uploading videos of council meetings and posting them on the city's website.

It appears however, that the videos are being uploaded to YouTube as PRIVATE - which prevents the videos from being found through a Google or other search engine and hides the videos from the city's YouTube account. Apparently, old habits die hard!

Here is the last meeting on 03/05/14.

And here's the 2/15/14 council meeting video

Posting the council videos is a good first step to providing transparency, unfortunately there is still the glaring issue of timely postings of the meetings themselves to allow the public to weigh-in on the issues before the council takes action.  

Libi Uremovic March 13, 2014 at 11:31 AM
'... the videos are being uploaded to YouTube as PRIVATE - which prevents the videos from being found through a Google or other search engine and hides the videos from the city's YouTube account....' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- it's not private information - it's public information....send a 'request to correct' to the city and if they don't properly display the videos file a report with the state ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the city receives taxpayer funds to broadcast their council meetings ..
Ed Kravitz March 13, 2014 at 12:47 PM
Thanks Marcus. Timely postings and early notification of agendas is very important. Council has operated almost in secret because neither the Eagle Time or Union Tribune post timely information. Neither paper is willing to cooperate and provide that public service....and should not be allowed the status of Adjudicated Newspaper. Khari Johnson has been the only real news here....and everyone knows AOL fired him and he's gone. How do we end the NEWS BLACKOUT in I.B. Our new editor is an absentee editor who thinks San Ysidro news is I.B. news apparently. Several people have asked me to start a paper. Maybe they missed the website I did for 8 years SAVEib.com. I'm still $15k in the hole for my efforts...not including my time. It's time to have a meeting of concerned citizens to produce a print paper that comes out the weekend before council meetings at least twice a month. I would be happy to facilitate such a meeting...but I can no longer float the bill out of my pocket.To quote Tom Cruise: "Show Me the Money"! Locals need to participate more on the Patch . Post your photos and storeis timely. Get a Facebook Log On so when you get the news...you can actually post it in real time...not a week later. If everyone pools their info ...at least we have a collective chance of knowing more about our community. Any journalism students out there? If you are interested in meeting to discuss creating a new print newspaper for our community, please write me at SaveIBonline@yahoo.com Ed Kravitz
Jon Hall March 14, 2014 at 10:05 AM
This is the 21st Century Ed --- social media makes alerting people easy, fast, and virtually free --- just takes a someone willing to take the few minutes necessary to create the account and babysit it once a day to keep the spam away ...
Ed Kravitz March 17, 2014 at 07:22 PM
Some folks are not tech savvy yet Jon. Some folks don't want to be tech savvy either. Some still want to read a newspaper printed on paper to get information. Newspapers may be near being obsolete but older folks still want to read it on paper.


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