City Hall's New Sense of Humor

The inspector posted a notice of violation but the goat ate it.

Proposed Imperial Beach Fire Department Mascot
Proposed Imperial Beach Fire Department Mascot
With a new city manager in charge, Imperial Beach City Hall seems to be a funnier and friendlier place.  I was pleasantly surprised today when I saw this photo and post on the city's Facebook page...

When doing inspections in Imperial Beach you never know what you might find. While out looking for a Rooster or a Boa Constrictor the inspector instead met this old goat that was not only friendly but actually happy to see our inspector which isn’t usually the case. The inspector posted a notice of violation but the goat ate it. That got the inspectors goat but we are highly trained so we stayed around just milking the job for a while. We are now looking for a home for the goat and it was suggested the fire department needed a mascot so he will be heading over there to help the Chief. I asked the inspector if this happened often and she said, “ Naaaaawww”. Just another day in the life of a code compliance officer. j

Thanks for the laugh City Hall - didn't know you had it in ya!

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Ed Kravitz May 10, 2014 at 09:44 AM
It appears the homeowner merely abating their weeds to comply with code ? It's not ok for the homeowner to have a goat...but is is ok for the fire department? A lot of places use goats for weed abatement and fire prevention. It is refreshing to see the city's website so informative and upbeat. Compliments to Andy Hall and Ed Vea for doing something that should have been standard practice for years. I also noticed that the city seems to be spending a lot less money on the warrant register than they used to. Keep up the good work Mr. City Manager!


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