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Ed Kravitz February 15, 2014 at 06:09 PM
Should the City Council forgive a $3.5 million dollar loan that Council made to the former RDA before it was outlawed by the State of California? If so....where did the money go and why are they so concerned that it be called "LEGITIMATE" EXPENSES? Since Mayda Winter and Greg Wade were part of the original RDA...why are they making recomendations to the current council to forgive the loan. Is this $3.5 million part of the money the city got caught co-mingling and they have to forgive the load because they can't account for the money? I sure think council and staff need to do a lot of explaining before they just vote on this new agenda item. Read the agenda and support documents at the above link. Also worth mentioning are 5 parcels of City Property that are being discussed for possible sale to the county in closed session. They did not print the addresses of the properties. Only the Assessors Pin Numbers. If residents are waiting for someone else to fight their battles....then the bad guys have already won. Maybe it's not the sports park...but it's still your money....and a lot of it. Looking the other way just lets the bad guys win. It's on you Imperial Beach residents to demand the facts and transparency from local government or shut up and live with the consequences. If you think these folks have shown fiduciary responsibility and honesty.......you have not been paying attention. When your taxes go way up and the current group of politicians are gone or on their way out....Are you going to say that Ed Kravitz was "OVER THE TOP" then? You folks need to read an agenda and the support documents...or hire an attorney to read them and interpret them for you. There is no reason to forgive a $3.5 million dollar loan...and voting for it makes every member of council that votes for it a co-conspirator defrauding the citizens and the Department of Finance. If they were co-mingling assets....which they were......you don't forgive it...you make them accountable for where the money went....AND WHERE DID THAT $3.5 MILLION GO? We already know about the $11.5 million from the Miracle Shopping Center they just flushed down the toilet for a quarter million...and they called that a BIG VICTORY! WAKE UP I.B. or live with the results of your inaction.
Andy Hall February 15, 2014 at 10:06 PM
I hesitate to comment because there are no percentages in telling the truth, it just isn't as exciting as conspiracy. In simple terms, the Department of Finance has authorized repayment of a loan the City made to the former Redevelopment Agency. Over a period of time, the State will repay the City approximately $3.7 million loaned to the Redevelopment Agency several years ago. If anyone ever has questions about agenda items and would like additional information, you are very welcome to ask. I'm trying to be very transparent but rarely receive questions. Feel free to email me at any time: ahall@imperialbeachca.gov Thanks for letting me serve as your City Manager, Andy Hall
Ed Kravitz February 16, 2014 at 12:15 AM
Thank you Andy for engaging the community on line. I hope this is the beginning of a new political season in Imperial Beach. I do want to remind you than many before you did not behave as well. Any efforts at transparency are welcomed. I have a question. Why were the actual street address's for real property matter in closed session not given. Why was it only Assessor Pin Numbers? Can you tell us which parcels those are and why the City might be selling them to the County? Perhaps because it's closed session you cannot discuss it. I would like to see the City Manager post a regular blog on the Patch. Eagerly awaiting those council meetings on demand or youtube. Wish you were running for Mayor.
Andy Hall February 16, 2014 at 01:29 AM
The City does not own the parcels. The City simply receives information about parcels slated for potential auction and that is how the information is given to the City by San Diego County.
Tom Summers February 16, 2014 at 09:30 AM
OK, so what parcels are we talking about? And a resounding NO to forgiving any loans! Are we that well off?
barry February 16, 2014 at 10:29 AM
Good questions.
Jon Hall February 16, 2014 at 11:47 AM
Ed --- are we reading the same thing here ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From the agenda: ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION NO. SA-14-39 FINDING AND RECOMMENDING THAT THE OVERSIGHT BOARD FINDS THAT THE LOAN TOTALING $3,738,100 MADE BY THE CITY OF IMPERIAL BEACH TO THE FORMER IMPERIAL BEACH REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY WAS FOR LEGITIMATE REDEVELOPMENT PURPOSES, AND OTHER RELATED ACTIONS TAKEN IN ACCORDANCE WITH HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE SECTION 34191.4(b). (0418-50) Recommendation: Adopt resolution. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I read is a way for the City to hopefully get the money back from the State since it will be officially classed as a loan (even though the RDA had always been intermingled with general funds) --- sounds like a damn clever idea to me ...
Jon Hall February 16, 2014 at 11:48 AM
To Erika: The above is an old DOS workaround for no ability to insert line breaks, paragraphs, and page breaks --- kinda funky but effective ...
Jon Hall February 16, 2014 at 03:47 PM
Just read the comment from Mr. Hall above: "I hesitate to comment because there are no percentages in telling the truth, it just isn't as exciting as conspiracy ..." ------ truer words have never been spoken ...
Jon Hall February 16, 2014 at 04:02 PM
FYI to all: To find out the addresses simply Google the following: **626-291-14-00 Imperial Beach California** (substitute each APN number to get all 5 results) --- doesn't say anything but does show where they are ...
Erika Lowery February 16, 2014 at 07:15 PM
John let's see if this works. :)___________________________ I can tell you that 4 of the parcels are up for sale due to probate. ___________________________________________________ The other parcel is on the north side of Date Street off of Seacoast. ___________________________________________________ If anyone would like additional information, property searches is what I did for a living for a while before I got married. California has strict privacy laws, protecting the Hollywood types, but it goes through the whole state. I found the owners of record, and addresses if anyone is interested.___________________________________________ Furthermore, it looks like these might be up for sale due to lack of property taxes being paid.
Ed Kravitz February 16, 2014 at 08:45 PM
When great minds work together the truth can be found. If everyone does a little piece of the puzzle we all get smarter. What is remarkable about this particular event is that a full community dialogue has started on some of these upcoming agenda items...PRIOR TO A CITY COUNCIL MEETING. I see the beginnings of 'STONE SOUP" where the citizens have become curious and want to know more. I am encouraged that anyone is even thinking about what the council might be doing...since the news media did not report on the last council meeting AT ALL! So help educate your friends and neighbors. You folks are discussing closed session agenda items 4 days before the council meeting. Keep reading the agendas. Keep having that community dialogue and show up at a council meeting once in a while and let them know that you are a concerned citizen and you are observing. Post a jpeg of the map or aerial view please.
Ed Kravitz February 18, 2014 at 09:39 AM
Item 6.4 regarding the Successor Agency shows a number of transactions covering other transactions. I would love to see a flow chart because it would look like circles...going around circles. It's a very confusing way to explain a rather complex set of transactions. On first glance it looks more like a shell game...but perhaps a flow chart would make it easier to understand. One agenda item has the word WHEREAS in it...pages worth of WHEREAS...... What if any of those WHEREAS items are conjecture and notcompletely true? Does that negate the entire document? Just because the DOF changed it's mind mysteriously and gave it's blessings to the RAD does not make the deal 100% honest. How was the DOF pressured? A group of cities that had RDA's joined together and sued the DOF as the "Affordable Housing Coalition" . It was under legal pressure ...paid for by the way with your tax dollars....that the change occurred. Was it a result of this lawsuit or other political pressures? Just because the DOF said it's ok does not mean it's right, moral or legal. It just means someone was able to change the minds of the people in charge..and who knows what pressures were put on them to fold? Was the decision maker an elected official or an appointed official fearful for their job if they maintained a hard line? It does appear that the city is moving ahead full speed with redevelopment projects that were temporarily ended when the RDA was outlawed. Perhaps the city should take the hint and get out of the redevelopment business and let private enterprise and private money handle it on their own? Do you want these people to incur further bond debt or just stop playing MONOPOLY with I.B.'s commercial property? Have you tried to read the agenda yet at the above link? What are your thoughts?
Ed Kravitz February 18, 2014 at 02:54 PM
From an e-mail ANNO: Parcel #1 6252710200 - Belongs to Giantomaso Salvatore and is on North side of Date 2 parcels in from Seacoast Parcel #2-5 Are part of Gene's Automotive that is for sale from probate. Daniel Goycochea had been running it while in probate, but now it has been decided to sell. It is almost the whole block from 10th to Donax around to Palm (kitty corner from the Habitat for Humanity project and behind the Cal Am Water project FYI) --
Ed Kravitz February 19, 2014 at 10:15 AM
From Another e-mail: ANNO: Hi Ed. I just reviewed the thread, and I too am much encouraged by Andy Hall's attempt to bring a bit more transparency to the process of IB City governance. And I also applaud your attempts at cheer leading. I think what would really work for me, as an IB resident is, not only more of this kind of dialog PRIOR to council meetings, but also a more civil and clearly stated responses from public servants, similar to what Mr Hall has done. The other thing I need before my subconscious mind stops whispering "conspiracy" into the conscious part, is a proper audit of the city's books. I mean, I understand that when you loan money to yourself; it is sort of like pulling money out of your right pocket and putting it into your left. But then at the end of the day when you empty your pockets you still have it on your nightstand. And so therefore, if the loan is forgiven, you still have it. Don't you? I'm am not an accountant. But I think I could handle a basic double entry; line by line, examination of the books. Does anyone know where or how we could do that, or do we need to bring in an independent auditor to forensically examine the books? Thanks for keeping me ANNO for now.
Pat P February 19, 2014 at 10:59 PM
There was a story tonight on CBS 8 about the San Diego County tax sale property auction. Here's the link: http://www.sdtreastax.com/property-tax-sales.html and here's the link to look for properties, either by clicking on the map in the area you want, or putting in the Parcel #: https://www2.sdcounty.ca.gov/treastax/taxsale/taxsale.asp


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