BREAKING: New Imperial Beach "Local" Newspaper

Pickup a copy at many of the same locations where the Imperial Beach Times is found.

Imperial Beach Local News (IBLocalNews.com)
Imperial Beach Local News (IBLocalNews.com)
BREAKING NEWS: A new local newspaper is being distributed in Imperial Beach - today.

According to the publication's managing editor, Michael Burgess, "The Eagle Times is really a Coronado Publication" and "[t]hey don’t even send a reporter to Council Meetings or the Chamber of Commerce any more".  

On the paper's new website - which appears to be under construction - Burgess goes on to explain, "The new ownership of the Union Tribune no longer publishes a regular South Bay section", and that; "The last two years Imperial Beach was blessed to have a  real news reporter who was on the street actually covering the news of this little town!  Many of us did not realize how good we had it until  AOL fired Khari Johnsonour Ace Local Reporter and Editor.  AOL doesn’t care about Imperial Beach!  AOL doesn’t care if the powerful folks can operate under the radar again.? Well……..WE DO CARE!"

You can pickup a copy of Imperial Beach Local News at many of the same locations where you find the Imperial Beach Times.


          Requesting Community Support


"The first edition is a demonstration newspaper that was produced as a labor of love by people in the community who care about you and your right to know.", according to the website.

"We are grateful to the folks that helped us do the impossible. We need  your suggestions. We need your donations or advertising dollars to continue this effort.  We need you to work with our Editor: Michael Burgess, to make this the best Small Town Newspaper/Blog in the country."

Michael Burgess is the former
 Editor of the Star News and Otay Ranch Newspapers.  "He is no stranger to South Bay Politics and already knows the players."

If you have a  idea or news story contact the Managing Editor, Michael Burgess.

If you want to get involved; please contact us.

Edgar Moore May 01, 2014 at 02:43 PM
Concur with Dakota Cole!! kravitz and associates will use this publication for a platform to continue his negative attacks on everything Imperial Beach. The lies continue as he and ex editor blast the "Eagle and Times" for being a Coronado Press. One only has to read the current Eagle to realize it has GREAT INFORMATION regarding Imperial Beach. There was no love lost when the PATCH fired Khari Johnson as he was becoming another platform for kravitz and his associates negative garbage.
Ed Kravitz May 08, 2014 at 01:59 PM
You are a very hateful man yourself Mr. Moore. Have you ever been sued for slander or liable ? Did you know that Local News prints the Council Agenda prior to City Council Meetings? Did you know that your beloved Eagle Times does not and will not print them before a public meeting even though they are the adjudicated newspaper? Do you like the streaming video of the City Council Meetings Mr. Moore? I'm on record asking for that since 2008. It seems that my efforts to get Agenda's published prior to public meetings and getting a free video stream so residents can see their City Council in action bothers you. Seems that providing that information to the public when it was not previously available is more of a public service than a threat.....unless of course you don't anyone to be paying attention or sometimes question an elected or appointed official. We are both skeptical people Mr. Moore. Your slanderous demeanor is a violation of your terms of service to post on the Patch Mr. Moore. If you want to debate individual issues on their merit....I welcome your comments. If you are just looking for a bully pulpit to get revenge for something that may have personally disturbed you in the past....I suggest you lighten up on the derogatory comments. The Eagle Times seems to be trying a lot harder lately. Maybe a little competition is good sometimes?
Jon Hall May 09, 2014 at 10:25 AM
Ed --- I think most people don't doubt your sincerity (however misguided at times) --- but even you must admit there are times you come across as a grouchy old fart ...
Edgar Moore May 13, 2014 at 07:22 PM
kravitz, you can continue to threaten and call me names until the TJ River is sewage free. you are not intimidating. My comments reflect my personal opinions. When directed towards you there is justification due to your negative and biased views. Again, you seem to think the constitutional rights are one way!! There is a city web-site that contains valuable information from which you have copied the agenda to include in your paper. The streaming video of the City Council Meetings has a cost. Take a count of residents viewing these meetings. I would wager the number to be less than 10, including you from Illinois. I'm anxiously awaiting your mayoral endorsement. It should be a moving proclamation exciting all those who have seen NO IMPROVEMENTS IN IMPERIAL BEACH IN THE PAST 8-12 YEARS!!
Tom Summers May 14, 2014 at 10:44 AM
Hooray for grouchy old farts! May we forever be free to disagree and be disagreeable. However, may we also do it within the norms of civil discourse. I find Ed Kravatz' expressed views to be within those norms. I also see a vast improvement in the dissemination of information because of his, and others' efforts. One doesn't need to live or be in IB to be concerned about IB. As a 45 year resident of IB who is blessed with the chance to travel the world, I need that info. And let me tell you, it has been damn hard to get at times. Not so much these days. And yes, what about our choices for mayor? What say you other GOFs?


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