Could someone who attended this meeting please post some information about the proposed condos in the flood plain?  At least RV's can be moved in a high water event. Condos....not so much.
How can condo owners get flood insurance if they are building in a 50 year flood zone?  If anyone attended....please post some graphics and some more info.
Jon Hall May 04, 2014 at 10:54 AM
I seriously hope this BS you are spouting is because you are after a light rail line here --- would hate to think you actually believe the roadbed on the strand (or near the beach) could support the weight of an industrial train on a sustained basis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You know of course that during WWII the Aerospace industry "floated" the aircraft between Rohr, Convair, and Ryan --- even though there was a functional rail line going right past all of them --- why is that Ed ???
Ed Kravitz May 04, 2014 at 01:08 PM
They were Seaplanes and they had pontoons to float on and the water was right at the doorway of the hanger they were built in and it was easier to float them than to load them? I would like to see a light rail line and I'm sure the Navy wouldn't object to it if it took cars off the highways. Anyplace near the bayfront could become a potential park and ride. What would happen to the value of real estate in Imperial Beach if there was a direct light rail link to downtown. After the Chula Vista Bayfront gets built out....how fast of a commute do you think you'll have going north on the I-5? You'll probably be lucky to get off Palm Avenue by 10:00 am and get on the freeway. Now if there was an operational rail line and the Navy did have to move some BIG PACKAGES in our out....It certainly would be feasible. If someone wanted to move sand from behind a dam in Mexico to the beach....I believe that the rail could also be useful. If sea level continues to rise and somebody wanted to build a levee....maybe the railroad right of way would be a place to do it....SOMEDAY.....MAYBE? Many of you think the railroad is obsolete and gone. The bike trail's purpose is to preserve the right of way in case it is ever needed again. And if there was a war or large military action in the Pacific...IT WOULD BE NEEDED......whether you personally like trains or not. I am not in favor of late night freight trains and loud horns. I find the light rail concept much more appealing....but if the circumstances depend on that rail line being operational to support the miilitary...then I think it will be an operational railroad sooner than later.
Tony Leombruno May 07, 2014 at 02:35 PM
Should this sale work does IB offer help for those who need to move? Also please offer upscale suggestions for other RV parks in the area for the annually returning RV visitors.
Ed Kravitz May 07, 2014 at 11:14 PM
There are lots of snowbirds with good disposable income that would flock to San Diego to spend their dough each winter if there were RV Parks to accommodate them. If Pond 20 were a 5 star RV Park how much money would that bring to the community each winter. The State Beach is booked months in advance. Retired Snowbirds should be welcome. Their money spends just as good as the so called eco-tourist's money!
Tony Leombruno May 08, 2014 at 09:07 AM
Those of us who stay for 4-5 months prefer to be in a secure private RV park with services readily available. Any choices in the IB area?


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