Pinole's Police Officers and Firefighters support Ivette Ricco for City Council!

Who does Public Safety support for Pinole City Council?

    Election days’ around the corner so the time is very near for voters to decide if they haven’t done so yet. Pinole’s Police Officers Association and the Firefighters Union have both decided to endorse Ivette Ricco for Pinole City Council in this election.

    Our Public Safety “boots on the ground”, so to speak, and Councilman Phil Green have decided to support Ivette Ricco. I have personally seen the self sacrifice, determination and hard work of some Police officers and Firefighters throughout their lives. I’ve known some from birth and some from high school age and some after they had already began a professional career. I’ve personally seen what it takes to be a Police Officer or a Firefighter; a lot of people have no idea what it takes. I respect these men and women and their opinions, even if I don’t agree.

     This time I do agree with them.

   I’ve seen the multitude of endorsements of candidates and repeat endorsements down at City Hall and I’ve seen the attacks there too. I really feel that it’s time for change in Pinole’s government and change from the influence of political bullies.

    Having said that, and after being silent for quite some time while I watched the saga play out, I pledge my support for Ivette Ricco and I pledge that when I cast my vote on Tuesday November 6, 2012, that vote will be for Ivette Ricco for Pinole City Council. She is the best choice for me, my family and for the citizens of Pinole.

    Pinole needs Ivette Ricco.

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James Tillman October 25, 2012 at 03:11 AM
As we approach Nov 6, I feel that silence is not golden. I’m proud to say that I’ve already cast my ballot for Ivette Ricco and I encourage all who know me to vote Ricco. Many things bother me about the Pete/Roy slate. My concerns are triggered by Pete’s lack of integrity as regards the “printing error” on his political statement. Pete did not apologize and he personally failed to correct the misperception that he has saved the City $14,000,000 instead of the $1,400,000-[an amount of savings that required the majority vote of the Councilmembers not an individual act by Pete]. Roy also lacks integrity because he knew, or should have known from his past campaign efforts, that no candidate for public office is allowed to use the City seal as a diving board for election/re-election purposes. When Ricco’s attention was drawn to her website posting of the Police and Fire patches, she immediately apologized, investigated, and post-haste updated her website. Ricco has more integrity and deserves to be elected. The reader’s attention is directed to the Council meeting and Campaign debate videos available on the City’s website. The status quo has got to go! Vote R-i-c-c-o! James Tillman
SalthePlumber October 25, 2012 at 04:40 PM
I too support Ivette Ricco for City Council. I have known Ivette for more than 15 years. She has always demonstrated a sharp knowledge of Current Events, both Locally in Pinole and on the larger scale of Bay Area and California living. Her enthusiasm and hard work is seen at the corner of Tennant and San Pablo, which was an ugly fenced lot with green tarps for too long. Look across to the Bear Claw Bakery and you see more of her efforts to keep a local merchant thriving after 25 years at that location. Ivette is pro-active and without pretense. She wants to solve problems with Old Town merchants and get the empty spaces filled. She is a good listener and open to ideas. All of these attributes are the kinds of things missing in our City Government. The imbalance of favoritism and amateurish approaches to Old Town business development has most if not ALL of the Old Town merchants , supporting Ivette. She is smart, reliable and honest! Boy do we need some of that! Vote Ricco 2012!!
Irma Ruport October 25, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I totally agree. Status Quo Must Go! Please don't forget my Meet and Greet for Ivette Ricco this weekend 10/27 Saturday at my house: 1131 Marionola Way at 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Please come and show your support and vote for her. Thanks.
Roy Rogers November 04, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Pardners, much ado bout nothing. City attorney said so at that there kangaroo court on Tuesday. Swearingen, absolved, Ricco, absolved. Buts did that stop them crazy critters from spoutin hateful and despicable slander? No siree Bob. Nows all the worlds can sees just how hateful dem haters are. Go see that there city council meetin to see just how the CCOP lead by Jeff Rubin, Cindy Trego, Mary McMains, Joel Gannoti, Marcia Kalapus, Norma Martinez Rubin, Roy Swearingen, Pete Murray, Belinda Espinosa, have showns their disdain for the good and righteous folks here. Them good folks showed up on Tuesday, and it be long past due. They be righteously riled up. They be organizing. Callin for a city wide Boycott of all thangs Jeff Rubin. His business, and the Pinole Historical Society. We gonna ask peeps to stops doin business with his gang a outlaws. We gonna asks, Mechanics Bank and Crockett Premier to stops using his'n newsletter services. We gonna ask all businesses advertising with him, to terminate their relationship with the Rubinator and his gang. We done had enough of this loud mouth, and the CCOP. We gots plenty on his and his'n and we aim to bring him and dem followers down. The Rubinators day a reckoning be a-comin. Boy Howdy


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